Tuesday, 16 October 2012

What to do with the bedroom?

JL decided that he found the colours unbearably girlish. I like them. So what now?

 paint options?

chinoiserie patterns?!

window options..

dream bedside tables...

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  1. OMG please don't paint the floor!

    I asked Darren too and he thinks you should just paint the walls a less "girly" colour but the floor is beaut. I personally love the colours as they are but see JLs point too.

    I love all those furniture options and I also really like the idea of the wood panels A LOT. I think any choice you make is going to look ace because you have great taste but I thing the floor colour is a keeper.

    1. For the moment things are on hold regarding any changes to the blue floor - but i have to warn you that it may be going! If it does i will replace it with something just as good though - i promise you!

  2. Sounds to me like you need to send your other half on Abigail Ahern's masterclass. Dark ceilings, dark walls, lots of stuff. It might convince him! I'm so envious of your beautiful house xx



    1. Actually i was thinking much the same thing -attended one of her retail classes recently which was fabulous. Although i suspect if i did send my other half on a masterclass i'd end up just stealing it for myself! Thanks for your lovely comment on the house -just got to crack on and transform the place now! xx

  3. You should go on the masterclass, I found I was solving problems with my house as she was going through each section.

    It's so hard to choose colours isn't it? I've been in my white house for three years now and have only just had the guts to start experimenting with colour.

    Love the idea of using the deco wardrobe doors on your built in wardrobes, think it will look fab! x

    1. Thank you! I may not do anything like the original idea now. Its very hard to get even two matching deco wardrobe doors which tragically makes the idea quite expensive and impractical! Also, the more time i've had to consider, the more i've decided against most of my original ideas! I am still stuck on a very dark colour for the bedroom though, as its such a tiny room i want to emphasise its cosiness!

      I really am looking forward to getting some colour on the wall asap! I know exactly what you mean - its so tricky sometimes to make colour decisions -but I'm thinking what's the worst that could happen?! At the moment while the place gets done we are renting a place -the walls are crazy strident colours -tomato reds and yellow ochre skirting - by comparison most other colour choices don't seem too daunting now! Definitely would love to attend a masterclass though - haven't had any time recently but hopefully i can make some in the upcoming months! xx